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"Regular coffee destroyed my gut health and by so doing made me depressed, anxious and having digestive (pooping) problems for years. I had to give up coffee due to my leaky gut syndrome and adrenal fatigue / exhaustion. I did give it up and felt GREAT because of it....but then life happened and I missed coffee after having my second baby. Now I can drink coffee again thinks to Organo! It's non-acidic and doesn't give me the jitters, the pooping issues, the exhaustive fatigue and it even boosts my immune system (with an autoimmune disease, this is KEY). I will never drink regular coffee again - changing my coffee has truly changed my life!"

- Coach Lois Tiedemann Koffi

"Just a quick fact, my white blood count or immune response has shown great leaps and bounds in the past month. I was running a regular response count of 27(normal is 5-11), today it is at 16. The only thing that has changed over the past month is OG coffee coming into my tummy and warming my soul."

- Noah Trebesh, Crohns patient whose Doctor only approved ORGANO as his only coffee option

"I used to always take people off coffee because of what all coffee can do to negatively impact adrenal health and gut health. I specialize in chronic health conditions - mostly thyroid, fatigue, depression and those that struggle with weight loss. I saw no benefits for them having coffee and most clients would be angry with me for taking them off coffee - including Lois when I diagnosed her with Hashimoto's (thyroid autoimmune disease).

Coach Lois helped changed that for me. Because of her and Organo, I now can allow my patients to drink coffee - even I drink it and I NEVER thought I would drink coffee! It's amazing and changed my business quite a bit."

- Dr. Kyle Warren, Restorative Health Solutions

"I love Organo! As a busy mortgage professional, I found that I needed to find healthier options to increase my energy and have a better overall health picture. Organo is tasty and amazing. I always feel better drinking it and sharing with my own clients."

- Eva Daniels, Mortgage Professional, Loan Simple

"Coach Lois Tiedemann Koffi is one of the most passionate women I know! Everything she tackles, she does with energy, creativity, fun, but most importantly with a plan! She introduced me to Organo Coffee and I am a 100% convert and I introduce my friends and family at any opportunity! The health benefits are amazing, it tastes great, and it's so easy to use ...I'm never going back! Thank you Coach Lois Tiedemann Koffi!"

- Carolyn Duffy, Farmer's Insurance

"Eight years ago I had severe allergies. You name it I had it. I was put on drops that was costing me $300 dollars a month. This was an alternative method, so insurance would not cover it. It was going to take care of my allergies with in 4-5 years of being on the drops. So I came across the Organo Gold coffee. So I started drinking the coffee and noticed after two days that the coffee was helping with my
allergies. When I didn’t use my drops for two days my allergies kicked in. So I knew when I quit the drops and started drinking the coffee that after two days with out the drops, my allergies didn’t kick in so I continued drinking the coffee. Every six months I would go back to my allergist in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and get tested. My allergies continued to get better. Less than three years my allergies were in the range where the allergens wouldn’t bother me anymore according to my Allergist.

I mainly went on the coffee for my allergies to start with. Since my allergies went away, I have noticed that my shoulders don’t bother me anymore when I do overhead work, I’m more alert, my oxygen in my body is up to 99%, before it was low when I went in to the doctors. I also had problems with the acidity in regular coffee so making the switch to Organo Gold Coffee made a huge difference not only in my health but also financially, as I was a Dunn Brother’s coffee consumer.

- Pat Murphy

"This coffee has truly changed my life and my pregnancy!  Most doctors say we can't have coffee during pregnancy due to the caffeine, constipation due to dehydration and impact on the unborn child.  HOWEVER, I knew that Organo would be different and i was right!  This superfood healthy coffee not only gave me less fatigue/more energy, it also hydrated me and helped with my regularity!  I also felt more calm/less stressed thanks to the herb in the coffee.  I am drinking this full term and beyond!"

- Cristiane Taylor, full term pregnant mom-to-be of her second child


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