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I have worked in business for myself most of my adult life. My journey has been arduous as an entrepreneur but I still believe in time and financial freedom, even after the real estate bubble that burst and took me down into financial devastation, homelessness and severe health issues.

After working with four other network marketing companies, I have to say that I almost lost hope that this industry could be the financial wealth vehicle my family would create our future with.

But then I found Mr. Holton Buggs and Organo!

The leadership, the products that sell themselves as the #1 addiction in the world and the overall training/support/systems in place, I can't help but say they have blown away my expectations as a direct to consumer company. With the development of my Healthy Coffee Centers, my income has rapidly grown through retail and now with a team of go-getters that will own the Minnesota market, the plan is to open 1,000 Healthy Coffee Centers and expand into 10 countries within the next 5 years.

The product has changed my life as well, as my health is the best it's been in years!

Yours in health and coffee,

            - Coach Lois Tiedemann Koffi


Change your coffee, change your life!

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Holton Buggs of Organo Coffee

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