There are few things more satisfying than a good cup of coffee.  However, not all coffee, no matter how tasty, is good for us.

As the chart to the right shows, regular coffee can create several unwanted side- effects in many people.  And the more coffee one drinks, the greater the unwanted effects become.

If you are a true coffee lover, don't you wish there was an alternative which would not leave you "wired" throughout the day and night?

Well, GOOD NEWS!!!

You now have a healthy alternative in ORGANO COFFEE, a blend of fine coffee and a Certified Organic Herb called Ganoderma Lucidum.

Ganoderma Lucidum is known by doctors and scientists to help with the following:
Oxygenates the body and boosts stamina
Reduces allergies and inflammations
Provides more energy and vigor
Strengthens and boosts the immune system
Increases brain power
Strengthens the organs for the elimination of toxins
Improves quality of sleep
Rejuvenates and makes you feel younger, more alert
Improves blood circulation    

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Would you like to learn more about this amazing product?

Organo Coffee, in conjunction with LTK Fitness, hosts weekly Healthy Coffee Center Info Sessions and complementary tasting EVERY TUESDAY EVENING from 6:30-7:45pm. These workshops are designed to provide additional information about the potential benefits of Organo. You will also learn how you can include a Healthy Coffee Center of your own in your place of business which will provide your customers with a satisfying cup of flavorful coffee which may even help you grow your business.  You may also earn additional revenue by becoming one of our strategic marketing partners.

The agenda of these sessions is as follows

6:30-7:00: Open networking for all health and wellness professionals

7:00-7:45: Formal presentation
Additional open networking following

Ideal attendees for these workshops would be:

Personal Trainers
Naturopathic Doctors
Health Spa Owners
Homeopathic Doctors
Beauty Salon Owners
Functional Medicine Doctors
Barber Shop Owners
Gym Owners
Health and Weight Loss Coaches

These presentations all take place at the LTK Fitness Studio located at 7300 Metro Blvd., Edina, Mn 55439.

Registration for these events is REQUIRED, so REGISTER HERE to reserve your spot!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

ORGANO Coffee is proudly brought to you by Coach Lois Tiedemann Koffi.  To read her inspiring story, Click Here.

Change your coffee, change your life!

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